About Newton's Telecom Dictionary

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The Barnes & Noble Review

Featuring more than 21,000 terms, this bestselling dictionary isn't missing a thing. Harry Newton has done a masterful job: He's defined the 21,000-plus terms so well, and in such easy-to-read language, that you'll have no trouble digesting all of the solid information; and he's presented it in a style that makes it easy for anyone in the telecommunications business or the lay reader to grasp the today's technology firsthand. And, being the newest edition, the dictionary is current to the moment. Also, the book provides the reader with an option to receive email notification of updates and corrections.

Newton's Telecom Dictionary not only covers telecommunications and networking but also information technology, computing terminology, and Internet-related terms. It also includes four bonus sections with tips on saving money and protecting your investments through disaster recovery plans. In addition, the dictionary also includes some very useful information in the appendix: listings of standards organizations and special telecom interest groups and computer- and telecom-related publications; a section on international calling codes; and some very useful graphics of plugs and connectors.

This book puts the information you need right at your fingertips. Newton is to be commended for his continued and excellent contribution to the world of information technology overall. John Vacca

John Vacca, the former computer security official (CSO) for NASA's space station program (Freedom), has written 38 books about advanced storage, computer security, and aerospace technology.